What We Offer For You

Their approach is characterized by agility and modernity, leveraging technology to streamline the process of addressing legal concerns, ultimately saving valuable time for their clients. They are attuned to the fact that not everyone can conveniently engage with a lawyer within traditional “lawyer hours.” To accommodate this, they extend availability to include numerous appointments beyond regular office hours and even offer weekend appointments. Their commitment to accessibility spans across the Greater Golden Horseshoe region. They frequently meet with clients in areas such as Mississauga, Burlington, and Etobicoke. Through their comprehensive services and flexible scheduling, they strive to deliver efficient and tailored legal solutions that cater to the diverse needs of clientele.

Our Practice Areas

Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing, selling, refinancing, or investing we will work closely with your realtor and help you navigate all legal issues so you have a smooth closing.

We handle all types of residential real estate matters, including title transfers, survivorship applications, and purchase and sale agreement preparation in for sale by owner (FSBO) transactions.

Our goal is to keep you well informed and involved in each and every aspect of this milestone in your life.

Wills & Estates

Every adult should have a Will and Powers of Attorney.  This is especially true if you are getting married, expecting a baby, own property, recently divorced, or you own a business.

When you meet with us we will listen carefully to your needs and help you and your loved ones reduce administration fees and taxes.  We will ensure your last wishes are honoured.

Notary Public

Often you need a document or identification notarized. We offer simple and easy notarization services for documents such as: certifying true copies, passports, marriage certificates, affidavits, consent to travel letters, statutory declarations, name change certificates, vehicles gifted to a family member.

Private Lending

We will grow your money! Whether you are a seasoned private lender with multiple mortgages or it is your first time loaning funds, Integris takes your hard earned savings seriously and will protect them as your premier team.

Our process is simple with our virtual signings, meaning whether you are at home in your favorite chair, aboard a yacht in the South Pacific, or visiting family in Hong Kong or Mumbai you can meet with us and finalize your documents. There is no more inconvenient driving through traffic or sitting in a waiting room to see us, we are a click of a button away.  If you prefer being face to face we also provide in person meetings upon request.

We want to earn your trust and be part of your business team, helping you reach your business and personal goals. To this end we use a holistic approach to private lending and this may mean a review of your succession plan or your corporate structure.